5 Quick Health Checks That Every Woman Must Do

Health Checks That Every Woman Must Do

When one is busy, it becomes easier to postpone things, even things that should not be postponed like trips to the gynaecologist. No matter how great you feel, and you get tempted to skip that important test, you mustn’t. Some of these tests may seem trivial, but they could literally save your life!

Here are tests that every woman should prioritize:

Mole and skin check – every woman should do this test so that they can eliminate skin cancer as a potential threat. In South Africa, 20 000 women a year get melanoma, which is skin cancer. This results in about 700 deaths every year, as per CANSA, so it is not something that should be ignored.

Mammogram – this test is the very best test that you can do for breast cancer, and of course, the earlier you start testing the better chance you have of catching it early. If there are breast cancer issues in your family, you should start the tests much earlier. This test is recommended that women do it at least once a year, from the age of 40. As mentioned, earlier is recommend for those women who have high risk factors.

Blood Pressure – high blood pressure can be deadly, as it can lead to one having a stroke, a heart attack or a deteriorating eye sight. The ideal results for this test is 120/80, and a yearly test is recommended, especially in women who are 40 and above.

Diabetes screening – This is a very important test to have because it can lead to heart disease, blindness, amputation and kidney disease if it is not picked up early enough and be treated properly. Women who have a history of these condition should start doing yearly tests from as early as 20 years old. Those who do not have history in their families can start later in life, around 35 years of age.

Cholesterol screening – this can be done every 5 years, but it can also be done more frequently if there a history of it in the family. High cholesterol can lead to one having a stroke or heart attack, so it should not be taken lightly.

These are only 5 of the tests women should prioritize, but there are others also, such as STI test, thyroid gland screening and Colonoscopy.

In taking of your health, these are tests that every woman should take, to make sure that the health is well.

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