6 Signs it’s Time to Find a New Gynecologist

Gynecologists are different, and their opinions and suggestions will probably also be different. Their reactions to your concerns might be oceans apart, and how they react to your issues might make you think twice about being a patient of theirs.

Sometimes in life, we stick to certain things just because of fear, or because it is all we have ever known and we are afraid of the unknown. When it comes to your health however,you should never take a gamble. If something does not feel right to you, or your doctors decisions make you question whether they have your best interest at heart, then it is time to have a think.

Here are 6 signs that you need to find another gynaecologist:

Your doctor is not listening to you – Your gynecologist must and should give professional advice as required and when you ask for it. However, when you are uncomfortable with something or you are worried about something on your health, your doctors job is to make sure that they find a solution that you are comfortable with, a solution that is good for you health wise. If they trivialise your concerns, it is never a good thing.

You are afraid to go see your doctor – being afraid to go see your doctor is simply not allowed, because you will end up having to postpone certain important tests that could save your life. You have to have a gynecologist that you like, so that there is never a reason to not go see them for checks.

You’re afraid to speak up – Your doctor is someone that you are supposed to trust, especially when it comes to your health. And he/she is also someone that you should be able to be open with, to share your issues with, so being afraid to talk to them is a huge no-no! Being able to communicate effectively is something that will benefit your doctor patient relationship, and your health can also benefit from.

She/he makes you feel bad about yourself – of course there are lifestyle choices that we make, and at times those choices are poor, which can lead to our health not benefiting. However, your doctor should never be the one to make you feel bad about yourself or the choices that you make. Yes, they should give opinions about the implications about the things you do or choose, but they should never make you feel less than what and who you are.

She/he’s never available – If your gynecologist is never available for you or never has time, it is time to find another doctor who will prioritize your needs and your issues.

You know more than them – Your doctor has to know more than you, especially on topics that they should be advising you on. The problem with them not knowing is that if you can’t ask them questions, who are you supposed to ask and where are you supposed to find the answers that you need?

Being with a gynecologist for a longtime does not mean that you have to be treated badly or given second class citizen treatment. If you have any kind of issues with your doctor, talk to them and try to iron them out.

If you can’t solve the issues, maybe it’s time you started looking for a new one!Get one right here on Gynecologists Near Me.


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