Your Best Gynecologist Visit Ever

Gynecologists visits are not really something that most women are looking forward to doing. It makes sense really, because most people do not enjoy having someone look at their sensitive parts,and actually touch and probe, it is definitely one of the things that most women would be happy skipping.It is important to realize that a visit to the gynae is very important. So here, are some tips that will help in making your next trip almost nice:

When to go – Make sure that you schedule your appointment in the morning, so that you miss the rest of the days rush. It also helps to go when your breasts are not tender.

What to bring – all those questions that you have been dying to get answers for, you should take them with you so that you can ask your gynae. Also, note when last you had your periods, in case the doc wants to know. Take some panty liners as well, you will need them in case of a discharge or if you experience some spotting. Lastly, take a magazine with you, it will keep you distracted when the gynae is busy with your private parts.

The big No nos – Stay away from sex and sexual activities the night before you are scheduled to go to your gynae. Your test may not give proper results, if you engage in sexual intercourse the day before. Also, wash without a bubble bath, it may also cause irritation for you during the test.

Why your doctor is talkative – it is because she wants you to be comfortable enough so that you can talk to her or him. This helps the tests to be less awkward, and you might be encouraged to raise certain issues.

Should you pee in the cup – Absolutely YES! Form urine, doctors can pick up a lot of things like urinary tract infections among others.

A trip to the gynaecologist is not the most pleasant of trips, but with these tips it might be less awkward. Use these tips and your own that make the trip easier.


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